Carling Technologies

Spínače, vypínače, přepínače, tlačítka, jističe, AC resp. DC power distribution pro náročné aplikace jako jsou Automotive, Transportation, Marine, Telecom, Military.
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LEMO is the acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of precision custom connection and cable solutions. LEMO's high quality push-pull connectors are found in a variety of challenging application environments including medical, industrial control, test and measurement, audio-video, and telecommunications.
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Ratioplast-Optoelectronics GmbH

Ratioplast Optoelectronics a Ratioplast group enterprise Founded in April 1994, aiming towards the growing market for industrial applications of fiber optic, components and transmission systems. Our customers are within the electrical industry, engineering, automotive industry, traffic engineering, conveyor technique, house management, data systems technology and telecommunication. We are selling worldwide directly to our industrial clients and distribution partners. Close to our customers we are serving the steady growing Fiber Optic market with innovative products. Prepared for future growth, Ratioplast-Optoelectronics highly skilled employees are ready to meet our customer demands for today and tomorrow.
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