Izolovaný AC-DC konvertor s funkcí PFC



Product Features

Product Description

The VI Brick PFM Isolated AC-DC Converter with PFC is an AC-to-DC converter, operating from a rectified universal AC input to generate an isolated 48 Vdc output bus with power factor correction. With its ZVS high frequency Adaptive Cell™ topology, the ultra thin PFM converter consistently delivers high efficiency across worldwide AC mains. Modular PFM converters and downstream DC-DC VI Chip products support secondary-side energy storage and efficient power distribution at 48 V, providing superior power system performance and connectivity from the wall plug to the point-of-load.

•Telecom (WiMAX, power amplifiers, optical switches)

•Automatic test equipment (ATE)

•LED lighting

•High efficiency server power

•Office equipment (printers, copiers, projectors)

•Industrial equipment (process controllers, material handling, factory automation)

•Switch mode power supplies (SMPS)



•System design flexibility

•Best in class density

•Best in class efficiency over line and load

•Best in class switching frequency

•Worldwide input voltages regulation

•Isolated AC-to-DC converter with PFC

•Low profile (¼ inch height) SMT component

•Power density: 575 W/in3 - 330 W in 2.2 in2 footprint

•High efficiency (~93%) over worldwide AC mains - Rectified 85 – 264 Vac

•Secondary-side energy storage - 3,000 Vac / 4,242 Vdc isolation

•PFC (THD) exceeds EN61000-3-2 requirements

•ZVS high frequency (MHz) switching

•Low-profile, high-density filtering


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